I welcome you to my blog. Your presence here is the testimony that we connect on some of the topics I write for. I believe the bond which is created by exchange of thoughts is bound to last long, and I am glad that we are connected this way.

I am a conscious thinker who observes the changes around and expresses views on various platforms like UN magazine (People & UN), news blogs(TOI), social sites and now on my blog. I firmly believe that expressing our thoughts in any form, helps us in an introspect which could further assist in resonating with others.

For me, writing is one such way to articulate myself in the form of an opinion, suggestion, story, or poem. The areas where I feel I can be a strong voice are ‘Co-Scholastic Education’, ‘Nationalism – Social and political’, ‘Travel for culture’ and ‘My Thoughts’ towards life.


Co-Scholastic Education

These days,  subject knowledge par se is not sufficient to succeed(For me to Succeed  is happiness in future).  Equal importance is needed to be given to programs that shape a child’s personality and their cognitive and non-cognitive skills. By virtue of my experience I have a thorough understanding about it, and prefer to voice my suggestions.  


Nationalism – Social and political

Our country is evolving and so are its people, culture, and politics. There exists a clear divide among SEC not on status, but culture. Unfortunately, a political voice that is duty-bound to be righteous goes with the majority, irrespective of being right or wrong.

Though I wish the politics to work in tune with times to bring about cultural sensitization, I take it as my duty to write opinions on social and political rectitude. As a well-read person, I express – the good and the change – that I realize and perceive as important to bring happiness to oneself.  I write about it in two categories, “News Take” and “Conscience”.


Travel For Culture 

It’s a beautiful world with varied cultures. When we travel we not only see the places but their cultures. It resonates the  lifestyle and the commonalities between two civilisations. As a well-travelled person, I wish to bring out the knowledge of cultures for others to get acquainted with  this diverse word. 



At times it  may happen that we are so deep and lost in our thoughts that we keep looking at a particular object without even seeing it; NOT SPACED OUT.  At that time we are closest to ourselves and I try to freeze that moment and express the mood in the form of couplets or poems or stories.

I try my best to  not be prejudiced about issues, but, if in case, any of you feel me as judgmental , then I must say,  I can be trusted to be a person who doesn’t judge a book by its cover. I also  accept the diverse views openly. Hope I can get connected with people through my thoughts and writings, as I consider it to be a bond of longevity. 

Professionally, I will mention my brands at a section and will keep updating the developments to seek your advice.